Rimba Electro Sex Wholesale

Rimba is a specialized manufacturer and wholesaler of high quality electro sex stimulation toys and power box units.

Rimba is an erotic wholesale company based in the Netherlands.
We are serving clients all over the world. Rimba products are distributed in North America by www.therimbastore.com in Waukesha Wisconsin.
The Rimba electro sex assortment contents: 3 different power box units, self adhesive pads, dildos, sounds, clamps, penis straps, contact gel and cables.
Electro sex stimulation toys are not used only in the fetish scene but more and more people want to experience the pleasure of sensual tens.


An electro sex stimulator (power box) sends electrical impulses to the electro parts/toys which can be connected to the power box and placed on any body part as long as the shortest distance between electrodes does not cross the heart region. This stimulation has a sexual stimulating origin but can also be used as a medical device to fight: incontinency, erection problems and muscle weakness in the erogenous zones. Please ask and consult your doctor first before you use this device for medical treatments.


Warning and precaution, Electro Sex Stimulation is not for children and not a children’s toy!  Use always your common sense and read this manual carefully.


To become a client of Rimba wholesale, you must have a registered company. You can fill in the application form on this website and we will send you a password. You can also contact us directly by fax, phone or email.